Heyo, I'm Vinay Kanumuri.

  • Spotr is a fitness app to make to help make strength training simple, fun, and social.
  • CollegeApp OS is a Notion dashboard and guide to help high school students apply to college.
  • Back in high school my friends and I built the Manned Octocopter, a multirotor aircraft capable of sustained flight with a human passenger.

A bit about me
  • I’m an undergrad at Harvard where I study physics. After I graduate this summer, I’ll be moving to NYC where I’ll join Salesforce’s Associate Product Manager program.
  • I currently live in Cambridge, MA but I’m proud to call Michigan and Hyderabad home.
  • I’m generally a private person online but I’ve convinced myself to post on Instagram a couple times a year and write some stuff here
  • What I currently consider to be my priorities in life
  • Some stuff I like to read or listen to
  • See Linkedin for work stuff (I rarely use it but I keep it up to date)

You can reach me at vinkanumuri@gmail.com to get in touch.